Community-based learning, action and spaces

2. Involvement in a male-oriented community programme

Photo by: Eoin Carey

“Male-oriented community programmes that embody similar characteristics to Men’s Sheds have the potential to help men to maintain meaningful connections to the activities and roles that they developed throughout their lifespan. Furthermore, programmes in line with the principles of Men’s Sheds also have great potential to enhance older male adults’ social connectedness and social engagement, promoting the healthy, active ageing of this growing population” (Reynolds, Mackenzie, Medved, & Roger, 2015, 548).

The role of civic engagement for men's health and well-being

In Norway there is a rising awareness of the need to involve adults in the community, and especially older men. Creating opportunities for participation in civic engagement in later life can have a significant impact on the social aspects of life and health in general. The present study examines an important, but not widely appreciated, dimension by which health and health equity can be promoted: via policies that facilitate and nurture—without directing—community participation in group-based volunteer efforts. Such policies are particularly important if geared toward those facing greater social inequality (Goth & Småland, 2014).

Watch the video and try to recognize the benefits of intergenerational exchanges between boys and men after the end of the working period.