Suggested readings - a list

Main articles:

  • Canetto, S. S. (2017). Suicide: why are older men so vulnerable? Men and Masculinities, 20(1), 49–70.
  • Gleibs, I. H., Haslam, C., Jones, J. M., Alexander Haslam, S., McNeill, J., & Connolly, H. (2011). No country for old men? The role of a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ in promoting social engagement and psychological well-being in residential care. Aging & Mental Health, 15(4), 456–466.
  • Oliffe, J. L., & Han, C. S. E. (2014). Beyond workers’ compensation: men’s mental health in and out of work. American Journal of Men’s Health, 8(1), 45–53.

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