Pluralisation of transitions

5. Good practices

5.4. Needed, recognized and valued: self-esteem development

The elderly have more experience than younger generations, so the interaction between them is desirable. They may know more than younger people about developing and maintaining a vegetable garden – for them to organize workshops to share their knowledge and techniques it means they are developing their self-esteem, the feelings of isolation and loneliness are reducing and they feel like they belong and are useful in their community. These are the main aims of the project called “Horta Solidária” in Portugal. 

In Portugal there is yet another group of people of different age, who organize events connected with music and dance. While younger generations usually organize these events, the older generations perform the role of experts, because of their extended knowledge of the music and dance repertory, as well as the cultural traditions.


Consider where and when older men’s work, knowledge, skills or practices/doings are needed, recognised and/or valued in your community. 

Example of good practice from Portugal: Centro Paroquial de Martim Longo, Conjunto Etnográfico de Moldes de Danças e Corais Arouquenses – Rancho de Moldes.

Martins, A. C. (2014). A construção de um lugar de memória: Conjunto Etnográfico de Moldes de Danças e Corais Arouquenses (Dissertação de mestrado não publicada). Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Porto.