Re-defining masculinity and gender capital

5. Good practice: Importance of tradition in rural communities

Examples of good practice from Slovenia: Chess Club Gorišnica, Vine and Fruit Growers' Association Vitomarci

Besides remaining active in the local community, to associate and to share experiences, membership in the associations in rural communities offers the elderly to continue with their local tradition. This was one of the important motives for participating in associations for men in rural communities, while men in urban communities mostly participate because of the opportunity to perform and to show their achievements. And because these associations organize activities for their own members, being a member of an association in a community might be an important factor for being active, socialising and learning.


Can you think of traditions especially known of in your community, which older adults might be interested in continuing? Are tradition and creativity/ innovation compatible? Do you know any examples that illustrate of your opinions on the issue?


Šegula, S. (2016). Older men learning in rural communities – municipalities Gorišnica and Sveti Andraž v Slovenskih goricah. Diploma thesis, Ljubljana: Faculty of Arts.

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