Re-defining masculinity and gender capital

4. Development of creativity and imagination

Example of good practice from Portugal: Fundação Serralves

In Porto they wanted to raise the awarness and knowledge in relation to contemporary art, architecture, landscape and key issuses facing society at present and in the future. They wanted to involve as much citizens as possible, that's why they opened a volunteer program. The volunteers benefit from cultural training and skill development in order to perform different tasks. Besides that they stared a program called ''Senior Volunteering'' which is aimed at older people and it contributes especially to the development of creativity and imagination, knowledge acquisition and it increases the confidence levels of volunteers.


Children are often seen as creative beings with a lot of imagination, but when we grow up we often forget about nurturing imagination and creativity. How would you encourage creative thinking among older adults? Do you have any art project going on in your community that would foster creativity and imagination among older adults?

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