Re-defining masculinity and gender capital

3. Men and boys: Sharing the skills across

Golding & Foley (2017) focus on intergenerational learning in informal community settings between older men and boys. It examines and challenges narrow definitions of the notion of what is meant by olderand intergenerationallearning. It stresses the importance of older mens capacity to be contemporary in their worldview, while drawing from a deep knowledge and wisdom developed from their life experiences and also from their formative cultural, national, and indigenous learning traditions. The paper provides an account of intergenerational stories wherein men informally mentor, share skills, and develop meaningful relationships with disengaged and disconnected young people in the community Mens Sheds (Golding & Foley, 2017).

Check out the video of the Men's Sheds project in Australia's Whyalla.

Whyalla Men's Shed // Where men work at play from Brady Krawczyk on Vimeo.

Golding, B., & Foley, A. (2017). Men and Boys: Sharing the Skills Across Generations. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 15(1), 52–63.